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Disney movies + female characters doing acts of true love



this is so unbelievably beautiful

And so relatable. We’ve all had those times when we’ve felt that we’re nothing and that we don’t deserve to be happy/to have a happy ending. We’ve all had times when we ourselves were our own worst enemy, like the bad guys in those gifs. We’ve felt the pain of those characters and we all have moments where we feel like our family is against us or our loved ones betray us or we have too much to live up to. But that’s what these movies are here for. It’s why they exist. To remind us that even if people shun us, or we feel repressed or that we are the ruin of our family, we will get happy endings. We will be happy at the end. These movies give me, and I’m sure so many others hope. I guess that’s what makes them stay with us, and it’s why they’re so unbelievably beautiful.


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probably the most adorable picture I’ve ever taken!